Rosie, a Cocker Spaniel and Bulldog-cross, came to the rescue of a trapped hedgehog when she alerted her owner to an outside drain.

The hedgehog, named Spike, had fallen down the drain and was eventually freed by RSPCA. Rescue dog Rosie discovered the animal in trouble in the back garden of her family home in Waverley Avenue, Nuneaton. Rosie repeatedly went up to her owner Lorna Back and then back to the drain from the kitchen sink, wagging her tail.

Spike was found ‘well and truly stuck’ down a drain. Credit RSPCA

Lorna followed her dog and could see what Rosie was trying to show her – a stuck hedgehog. She contacted RSPCA and inspector Herchy Boal, who features on The Dog Rescuers TV show, was called to the rescue on Monday 27 August. 

Herchy says, “The hedgehog, which we have now named Spike, was well and truly stuck. It appears that he had fallen down the drain headfirst and it was impossible for him to get out.

The hole was very small so I managed to get my hand down but everytime I did Spike naturally curled into a ball to protect himself.  I then couldn’t free him as he became too large to fit through the hole.

I was worried because I knew there was water down the drain and could hear him gurgling. I didn’t want him to drown so I was trying to keep his face away from the water.

I was struggling to get my hand down to him with my protective gloves so I ended up improvising and even tried using a skipping rope to try lift him up a bit.

Eventually, after about 45 minutes of trying, I got my hand round him and could feel him relax as I think he was tired and I managed to hoist him to safety.

“It was a relief and it was all thanks to Rosie that he was found in the first place.”

Spike was rescued after 45 minutes of trying. Credit RSPCA
Spike was checked over by vets and will be returned to the wild in a few days. Credit RSPCA

After a check-up at Birmingham Animal Hospital, Spike was found to be in good health and will be returned to the wild in a few days.

Lorna and her family were delighted with Rosie and made sure she was rewarded for her efforts. Lorna said, “When the hedgehog was out Rosie ran round the garden like a puppy, she seemed very pleased with herself. We made sure she got a big fuss and some doggie treats for her efforts.

Rosie was said to be very pleased with herself. Credit RSPCA

We are just so pleased that Spike survived his ordeal and soon will be released back into the wild.”


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