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Worzel goes for a walk! Will you come too?

Catherine Pickles

When you’re out for a walk with your four-legged friend, there are important things to remember – bag it and bin it and don’t let your dog race up to dogs on leads. It’s important for children to learn these too, so that when they’re walking the family dog, or they meet other dogs, they know how to react. That is the idea behind Worzel’s latest touching and educational instalment.

In Worzel Goes for a Walk! Will You Come Too?, everyone’s favourite literary Lurcher is back and this time he’s taking a walk to the beach to explain the rules of ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Worzel’s children’s stories aim to teach children the safe way to behave around man’s best friend. From first greetings, to being out and about, all told from the perspective of Worzel Wooface. His words are illustrated beautifully by Chantal Bourgonje and checked over for accuracy by a dog expert. This book also includes notes to help parents, teachers and guardians.

Author Catherine Pickles is an experienced dog owner and canine foster carer. With two grown-up children, she has always understood the importance of teaching children how to have responsible relationships with their family pets, and to ‘read’ dogs that they meet elsewhere.

Hector’s Wheels: The Adventures of Remarkable Beagle

Victoria Haddon

Dogs are incredibly resilient, even when they are faced with big challenges. We’ve seen this same determination with so many dogs, both those born with disabilities and those that have become disabled.

Hector is one dog who had to overcome a disability from birth, but thanks to an understanding family, he’s shown that three-legged dogs can still lead full doggie lives. Despite having an unusable front leg, it hasn’t held him back at all from becoming a fun-loving Beagle who enjoys exploring and getting into mischief with his older brother Reggie, who is also a Beagle.

This heartwarming short read, set in Hector’s home city of Norwich, features many of his real-life adventures – from the moment he joined the family, to getting lost on the marshes with his brother, and accidentally joining in the fun at a skate park.

Hector’s owner Victoria says, “As we walk around Norwich, the sight of Hector in his wheels brings the traffic to a halt. We are stopped by pedestrians on a daily basis to ask what has happened to Hector. In Hector’s Wheels I have told the true story of a disabled dog who knows no boundaries. I hope the book will be enjoyed by any dog or animal lover, from older children to adults.”

This book also gives an insight into how one owner has helped to make her three-legged dog’s life a little easier. This includes getting him his own wheelchair from America, which made Hector a bit of a celebrity amongst Norwich’s dog-walking community. After being asked so many times how Hector copes and what his story was, Victoria decided to put pen to paper for all to read. Now you can follow him as he overcomes adversity to lead an exceptionally full life.

There are also some very sweet full-colour illustrations by Sophia Fletcher within the book and 10 per cent of the profits from sales of Hector’s Wheels will be donated to the Beagle Welfare Trust.

Spot On: Good Names for Dogs

Gail Garbutt

We have naming books for babies, so why not a naming book for dogs? Choosing a name for your new pup or adopted pooch is a big deal too! You might want something that suits their looks and/or personality, or perhaps you’re looking for the complete opposite to be ironic.

Author Gail Garbutt has compiled a list of dog names that could help get you started on that all-important decision. As well as an A to Z, she’s also categorised some of the names, so if you’re looking to name your Border Collie after a Scottish river then Isla or Beauly might take your fancy. If your family enjoys huddling around a board game, then what about Scrabble or Cluedo for your newest player?

There’s also a list of dogs with famous owners if you want to follow in the footsteps of a historic person, and if you are welcoming two dogs into your home, then there are some great name pairs to choose from.

Among some of the common choices, there’s also quite a lot of unconventional names you may love or hate. Personally, I don’t think I know anyone who would call their dog Fetish or Climax. Imagine calling that out at the dog park!

Stories for My Dog

Flora Kennedy

Reviewed by Martha Cornish

Stories for My Dog is made up of lots of short but sweet stories. Throughout the stories there are spaces where you add your own dog’s name as you read. Every story ends with you giving your dog something or taking part in an activity with them, such as a treat or playtime.

I love this book because it is great for strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion. My dog, Popsie, especially enjoyed the story called Cat Dog, about a canine who has a strong friendship with a feline. The story finishes with you giving your dog a cuddle.

Precious Dog is about a dog who saves his owner’s purse from a thief and it includes the sentence, “Precious dog’s person was so grateful, she dribbled out of her eyes!”, which I found very funny.

Glam Dog is about a dog that was a bit too big-headed. She got caught in a fire and the experience changed her personality, so instead of going to the canine beauty parlour, she visited the intensive care unit of the vet hospital to give companionship to dogs, cats and people who were scared. That story ended with you grooming your own dog or giving them a massage.

I now feel a lot closer to Popsie because we share the same love for stories. I sincerely hope that it will be read and enjoyed by future dog-loving generations to come


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