Survey reveals that 8 out of 10 Britons who have travelled abroad in the past 12 months have been witness to a form of animal cruelty whilst on holiday. 

Unsettling statistics have been released by flight comparison site, whose team conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into the travel habits of Britons. 2,754 adults were polled, all of whom had been on holiday abroad at least once in the past 12 months.

As many as 81% of Britons witnessed animal cruelty in some capacity on their travels, whilst 53% of these had actually paid for the event in which they saw this take place. Spain, Thailand and Portugal, were top three of the countries tourists had seen cruelty taken place in. 

All respondents were asked whether they had witnessed any animal cruelty, abuse or neglect and only 19% admitted that they had not. Those who said yes were then asked where it was they had witnessed the animal cruelty taking place.

The top answers were ‘in public’ (71%), at an event/show I had paid for’ (53%), and ‘on private property’ (32%). Participants were asked if they had intervened in some way after seeing an animal being abused or neglected with just over a third (34%) revealing that they had.

Relevant participants were asked what sort of animal or animals they had seen being abused or neglected abroad before with the top five answers appearing as follows:

  1. Cats – 78%
  2. Dogs – 64%
  3. Donkeys – 41%
  4. Elephants – 39%
  5. Dolphins – 35%

These participants were next asked to state which country or countries they had seen animal cruelty take place and, when allowed to pick more than one option, the top five results were:

  1. Spain – 57%
  2. Thailand – 41%
  3. Portugal – 33%
  4. Vietnam – 27%
  5. United States of America – 23%

Participants who had paid to go to an event or show where they had witnessed animal cruelty take place were asked whether they knew what they were about to witness. The majority (46%) said that they didn’t realise it involved animal cruelty until during or after the show, 23% said that they suspected but turned a blind eye, 22% revealed they did not know prior but left the event once they realised and 9% said that they were aware but did not care at the time.

When asked if they would return to the same show, just 5% said that they would, with 95% saying that they would not.

A spokesperson for Jet Cost responded to the findings of the study, “Even though most countries have fairly stringent laws regarding animal cruelty, it is sad to see that so many travelling Britons have seen it take place.

“I think the public are quite often misled by venues that allow them to interact with large and often dangerous animals, or where animals are doing incredible things. Whilst the animals are passed off as extremely well trained, they are usually sedated, or have been tortured into performing these actions. It’s also tragic that so many countries have an abundance of stay dogs and cats, with many of these being in seemingly poor health. It really does tug at the heart strings and makes us want to do more to help these cuddly creatures.”


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