Hi, I’m Tim Dunton. It can be really stressful for both you and your pet, when a visit to the vet is necessary – doubly so, if that appointment is some distance away and you have no transport! 

That’s where UK Dog Transport comes in, with my Vet Transport Run service. If your dog or cat needs taking to or from an appointment but you can’t make it, UK Dog Transport can take your pet there and back for you – even if the vet is at the other end of the country!



I transported Delilah from Fernlea Vets in Bristol down to Taunton recently, when a big motorway snarl-up meant that her owner couldn’t get there in time. This lovely lady is now safely home, and recovering well.

Another popular service is one that I personally love; transporting rescues to their new homes and families, who are so excited to meet them. This is Wilson, a handsome Mastiff Cross boy from Last Hope Rescue, arriving at his new home in West Wales.

Wilson, a rescue dog arriving at his new home after being transported by UK Dog Transport


My services are available 7 days a week, giving you complete flexibility. I am fully licensed and insured with ample dog handling experience, and dog first-aid trained. I ensure that your pets reach their destinations in comfort and safety – they have roomy, air-conditioned pods in the van and we take regular hydration and comfort stops.

If you have a pet that needs transporting to or from a vet appointment or new home, give me a call. I’m ready to help!



UK Dog Transport, 7 days a week

07581 004473






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