In the December issue of Dogs Monthly Magazine, we select six of the best products and services for your furry best friend.

This month we have Scruffs, Celtic Connection, K9 Bridle, UK Dog Transport, Naylor Agility and Natural Instinct!

Scruffs® Thermal, Self-Heating Pet Beds

The Scruffs® Thermal, Self-Heating Pet Beds are ideal for keeping your pet warm on cold winter nights. Each bed contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer is sandwiched between quilted polyester fibres and the bed’s main fill, reflecting body heat back to your pet. The quilted hollow fibre lies beneath a super-soft fleece cover, which holds warm air around your pet, providing added insulation. The box-beds feature a one-piece construction, providing greater support and durability; they are filled with a 100 per cent recycled green-fibre fill, with unmatched cushioning, resilience and insulation.


Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food

Hypoallergenic, grain-free and gluten-free recipes, made in the UK using ‘human-grade’ British ingredients from fully traceable, ethically farmed sources. Includes 70% animal-based ingredients and our unique ‘Single Source Protein Philosophy’ that includes at least two protein sources from the same protein ‘family’ to provide a better amino acid profile while preventing nutritional imbalances and sensitivities from feeding only one protein source. Nutritive herbs and glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM are added to keep your pet healthy and joints comfortable. All gently steamed to retain the natural vitamins and minerals with no artificial colourings, flavouring or preservatives.


K9 Bridle

Designed to stop dogs pulling on the lead, the K9 Bridle works in a similar way to a bit-less bridle. It gives the dog signals that he can easily understand without twisting his neck or riding into his eyes. It has given amazing results in dogs with behavioural and aggression issues, saving many dogs from being rehomed. No strength is required by the handler, making it ideal for people with disabilities. The K9 Bridle is being used by many of the best trainers and rehoming centres throughout the UK, Australia and in the USA.

0800 5053093


UK Dog Transport

UK Dog Transport started in 2014 and offers safe, secure, comfortable transport for your VIP pets in temperature-controlled, air-conditioned pods. Licensed to carry both dogs and cats we are trained in canine first aid.

UK Dog Transport is going from strength to strength, running door-to-door routes throughout the UK mainland, and can frequently be seen zipping up the motorway to opposite ends of the country. UK Dog Transport started running routes exclusively for charities such as Daneline International Charitable Foundation and various German Shepherd breed rescues before offering the services to a wider client base.

07581 004473


Naylor Agility Tunnels

Naylor Specialist Plastics manufacture a range of high-quality dog agility tunnels, handmade using heavy-duty fire-resistant PVC materials, making them extremely hardwearing, robust and easy to wipe clean.

The Naylor dog agility tunnels are available in 600mm diameter with 10 standard colours, five different lengths and three weights (light, medium and heavy). Equipment is manufactured to order, to ensure your exact requirement is supplied, considering your specific colours, loops, bags and design.

Visit the new online shop, or call for more information.

01709 872574


Natural Instinct’s Christmas Feast

While you tuck into a traditional turkey dinner this Christmas, why not treat your beloved dogs and cats too? Natural Instinct’s Limited Edition Christmas Feast is back by popular demand – a traditional turkey dinner with added festive trimmings of sage, parsnips and even cranberry, providing all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for optimum health in your dogs and cats (no veg in the cat recipe).

For more information, email, call or visit the website.




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