We have recently purchased a Border Collie puppy named Storm and have been advised to take out pet insurance for him. It has been many years since we had a dog in the house and we have never taken out insurance previously, so it is a bit of a minefield! We have had a look at some policies online, but there seems to be such a wide price range of vet fee cover available.

What are the key differences between policies, and what would be best suited to us?

Neil Flint advises…

It is great to hear you have a new addition to the family and looking into insurance for Storm. Cover for vet fees can vary from company to company – it just depends on what you are looking for, how the company works, and what suits you best financially. There are so many more procedures and tests that vets can carry out these days, and operations or investigation work can be very expensive.

The most comprehensive cover is a lifetime policy, which would cover year after year if Storm were to develop an ongoing condition such as epilepsy, a liver condition or diabetes.

If you would like us to explain the levels of cover and discuss any specific policies you have been looking into, we would be happy to help explain these further. Call us on 01642 552188.


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