My short-haired dog just loves to roll around in sheep and fox poo, and the area we live is surrounded by it. She always gets to it before I notice and it is the most foul-smelling stuff. I can’t face trying to bath her after every walk, so what is the best way to give it a clean-up? I use wipes, but the smell of the poo still seems to linger…

Stuart Simons advises…

Oooh, they love a good roll around in foxy poo, don’t they? It’s instinctive and there’s not much you can do about it. Tomato ketchup is great for getting rid of the stinky fox poo smell and it’s natural, but be careful – if your dog has a very porous coat, they may have a pink tinge for a while.

There’s no easy quick-fix. If I were you, I’d buy a box of disposable gloves and get scrubbing in the bath. Remember, dogs can have an allergy to latex just as much as we do, so if you do use gloves, try to get the latex-free ones.


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