Mayhew therapy dogs pay special visits to staff at Audible, Buzzfeed UK and Channel 4 to help promote a stress free workplace.

I have been working here for 10 years and this is the best day I’ve ever had

During busy high-powered work days it is important to take time out to recharge and refresh the mind, there are many ways of doing so but interacting with animals is proving to be the most effective when it comes to improving moods and reducing stress. Dogs can offer non-judgemental third party company that leads to humans feeling happier and calmer, which is crucial to mental health.

Asher a TheraPaw dog receiving lots of cuddles

Multiple psychologists agree that dogs offer a similar kind of emotional support as people’s family, friends and loved ones. So spending even a short amount of time with a therapy dog could provide support to those who are unable to express emotions with colleagues or just offer a positive and pleasant distraction from general stress and worries.

TheraPaw dog Noodles

Staff in the offices at Audible, Buzzfeed UK and Channel 4 were invited to join a 90 minute drop-in session hosted by Mayhew, in which they could play, cuddle and watch therapy dogs from the ‘TheraPaws’ programme. As part of the corporate stress prevention drive inspired by World Mental Health Day 2018 and National Stress Awareness Week, the special visits proved well received amongst those who participated.


An employee from Channel 4 said, “I have been working here for 10 years and this is the best day I’ve ever had.”

Her colleague explains, “I’ve been so stressed and unwell lately, and just the thought of seeing dogs today really cheered me up. Actually being here with them is amazing.”

TheraPaw dog Chloe

Research has suggested employees of any industry are likely to feel better equipped to take on challenges after interacting with animals, as well as communicating better with colleagues. This was found to be the case at Buzzfeed UK, where a participant commented, “I feel so calm compared to this morning. This dog is so chilled out, she makes me feel chilled out too. I’m at stress level zero right now.”

Attendees at the TheraPaws session at Audible expressed similar sentiments, saying, “This has really brightened up my day! Seeing dogs mess around being happy makes me feel happy.”

Mayhew’s Asher and Marcel (right)

Mayhew expressed their pride in playing their part in boosting the wellbeing and productivity of the corporate work places they visited. The charity’s TheraPaws dogs usually attend day care and residential homes, hospitals and hospices across London; and specialise in visits to elderly patients with dementia and palliative care units.

If you are interested in organising a corporate TheraPaws visit in London, please email Duschanca Singh at for more information.

Images by Mayhew 


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