My dog has always slept downstairs quite happily on the sofa, but recently the sound of her ‘digging’ the sofa in the night has been waking me up, usually once a night. I don’t think she is distressed, as she would come up the stairs to find us if she needed to.

I wonder, might she be doing this in her sleep? As soon as she’s had a flurry of digging, it all goes quiet again…

Kirsten Dillon advises…

My first thoughts are to suggest you check for unwanted visitors to your home. Mice, rats, bugs, fleas and wasps can all nest in or near our homes, and it can drive our dogs insane with frustration. They can hear and smell pests long before we can, so I would check the area around your sofa, floorboards and outside first of all.

If this isn’t the case, then maybe your sofa is losing its spring and your dog is simply trying to make it more comfy? Add a thick blanket or flat dog bed at night and see if this helps.

You don’t mention how old your dog is, but disturbed sleep is one of the symptoms of CCD (canine cognitive dysfunction), which is a little like doggie dementia, found in older dogs. In any case, talk to your vet about getting her checked over for all eventualities.


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