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I’ve been considering a change of career for a while and quite fancy dog grooming. I’ve been doing an online search for courses available and they vary so much in price and course content. What should I be looking for in a good course and what are the preferred qualifications?

Stuart Simons advises…

Dog grooming is becoming more and more attractive to people looking for a change. There has been a huge increase in our profession over the past few years. It’s a wonderful career choice, but it isn’t simply ‘playing with dogs all day’ as many people naively believe. Dog grooming is incredibly skilled, highly physical and not always a walk in the park. It certainly takes its toll on the body. Having said that, it is also incredibly satisfying and wonderfully creative.

It is currently an unregulated industry, leaving it open to exploitation by unskilled, inexperienced and unqualified people offering to teach it – even though they have no idea themselves of the risks involved and the skill it takes. To find a good course, research the tutors of the college that you are looking at. Ensure they are members of The Groomers Spotlight so you can guarantee that they at least have a qualification.

The Groomers Spotlight has a dedicated training page, showing colleges around the UK that you can trust. The owners are members of The Spotlight, meaning you should get a good grounding in the industry. The three qualifications that I would recommend are: the Open College Network (West Midlands) also known as the OCN, the ICMG (an international qualification) and lastly, the most recognised one in the UK – the City and Guilds L3. Good luck!

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