Audrey enjoys a trip to some of Louth’s dog friendly businesses

East Lindsey is one of the largest Shire counties in the countries and is home to the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it an exciting place for man’s best friend.

To celebrate all its dog-friendly attractions, East Lindsey District Council have this week announced a new campaign to help local business tap into the dog owning footfall. With an estimated eight million dogs in the UK, the ‘Pet Pound’ is an ever-growing market and rural areas, like East Lindsey and the Lincolnshire Wolds, are an attractive destination for holidaymakers who choose to take their dog with them.

Businesses such as cafes and shop can benefit from opening their doors to dogs as recent research by the Kennel Club found that four out of five believe it has had a positive impact.

Dog-friendly businesses are being encouraged to display a window sticker, which can be picked up from their local East Lindsey Customer Access Point, in their shop window to let the public know their four-legged friends are welcome inside. Anyone unable to visit these points should email and more information can be found at

Audrey and owner Sam enjoy a trip to some of Louth’s dog friendly businesses – M&G Designs (with shop owner Gary Deniss)

Economic Development Officer, Samantha Phillips, said, “We’ve seen other areas in the country have some real success after becoming more proactive with promoting the fact they are dog-friendly. Being able to holiday with their hounds is becoming increasingly important to dog owners, so the more businesses can shout about being dog-friendly the better. The information card we’ve produced has some handy info on, including details of free online listings and awards they can enter. I’m looking forward to seeing our Dogs Welcome window stickers displayed across the District.”

One business that looks to benefit from the new scheme is M & G Design. Business owner and Chairman of Louth Independent Traders, Gary Deniss, added, “We really love meeting our doggie customers. Being dog-friendly encourages people to pop in with their four-legged companions and helps us to develop a great relationship with our customers, meaning they are more likely to return. I will be encouraging all Louth Independent Traders who are dog-friendly to display the new window sticker so dog owners know which shops and cafes they can go in. We live in such a beautiful part of the county with some brilliant dog walks so we are proud to support a campaign that helps to raise the profile of the area to new visitors.”

Top 5 dog-friendly attractions in East Lindsey

1. Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Who says Lincolnshire is flat? The magnificent rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds is a dog walking delight with a number of walking routes leading you through farming landscapes.

2.Traditional Market Towns
Market Day is still an essential part of many people’s weekly shopping here and it’s perfect to take your pooch for a stroll around town, especially as many shops and cafes are now open to canine customers.

3.Explore the Coast

From wild coastline to seaside fun, the beaches of East Lindsey have it all. Enjoy a coffee at the North Sea Observatory at Chapel St Leonards after an invigorating beach walk with your pup. Or if you fancy an attraction, Skegness Natureland welcomes well-behaved dogs.

4. Aviation Heritage

An important part of the county’s history can now be explored even when you are on holiday with your dog as the doors at East Kirkby Aviation Heritage Centre are open to four-legged friends. Dogs are also welcome to stay in one of Lincolnshire’s more quirky holiday homes – a former RAF Tower. If transport is your thing, dogs are also welcome to ride the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.

5.Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival

An annual walking festival celebrates the area’s fantastic landscape and heritage. A number of the walks are dog-friendly and range from relaxing walks to challenging hikes.


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