As true carnivores, dogs aren’t built to process carbohydrates, that’s why Ziwi contains over 90% high-quality, pure natural meat and organs from free-range animals, including a new Chicken variety.

Ziwi’s recipes use meat, bone and seafood to mirror a whole-prey, nutrient-dense diet that promotes optimum health. A complete food for all breeds and life stages, Ziwi comes in a variety of flavours in both air-dried and canned foods.

To request your free sample pack, and find out more, visit the UK website.



Scruffs® Thermal Self-Heating Pet Beds

An ideal choice to keep your pet warm on cold winter nights, each bed contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer is sandwiched between quilted polyester fibres and the bed’s main fill, reflecting body heat back to your pet. The quilted hollow fibre lies beneath a super-soft fleece cover, which holds warm air around your pet, providing added insulation. Scruffs® Thermal Self-Heating Pet Beds are particularly suitable for arthritic, young and ill pets, or just those that enjoy extra warmth.

0161 702 5060 www.petslovescruffs.com


Abbfabb Grooming Scissors

Founded by Eve Somers of Abbfabb Academy over 40 years ago, Abbfabb Grooming Scissors is now a family-run business and home to the exclusive Abbfabb Grooming Scissors range.

A dog groomer is as good as the tools he or she is using. We promote top-quality, affordable dog grooming scissors, suitable for commercial groomers, students, show exhibitors and pet owners – offered at prices that will not break the bank.

We design all our dog grooming scissors and do not sell scissors for other makers. You can be sure your scissors are original and of the highest quality.

07971680023 www.abbfabbgroomingscissors.com



RiRaw is Ireland’s premium brand for natural dog treats. All our treats are fully traceable from farm to pouch and contain no preservatives, additives or fillers. We are proud of our short ingredient list, which is limited to just one!

RiRaw offer a super selection of products from beef to chicken, and all the beef is grass fed. All of our treats are made by a small dedicated team in our factory in Co Cavan.


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WildWash Magic Paw Balm with sweet almond oil, frankincense and kanuka is a super conditioning paw treatment that will moisturise your dog’s cracked, dry paws and help form a barrier to protect them from everyday wear and tear. It is great for use in extreme weather conditions and affords protection against hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt. This wonder product can also be used to moisturise nails, dry noses and condition calloused elbows and dry patches. The natural human-grade ingredients are completely safe for your pet to lick and are safe for cats too!

020 74029672



Photizo Vetcare

Harness modern phototherapy and promote natural healing across a host of musculoskeletal conditions, wounds and pain management. A cost-effective alternative to professional laser, Photizo Vetcare combines red and infrared LED light in ‘evidence-based’ doses to restore cellular energy when trauma occurs. A non-invasive treatment tool for use at home for ongoing rehabilitation or pain management. Increasing circulation to an affected area reduces inflammation, accelerates natural healing and helps release endorphins and increase serotonin. Also popular with owners of performance dogs, the pocket-size Photizo is rechargeable and easy to take anywhere.

Use discount code dtvetcare10

for 10% off. www.photizo.co.uk


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