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This week saw what is known as ‘the most depressing day of the year’, Blue Monday (21 January). Employees are expected to feel more overwhelmed than usual at work after indulging throughout December. With post-Christmas financial stress, miserable weather and the prospect of summer holidays a long way off, motivational levels can become quite low.

Blue Monday wasn’t all doom and gloom, however, as global communications firm Edelman decided to cheer up London-based staff in their Victoria offices with a 90 minute ‘doggie de-stress session’, led by two of Mayhew’s TheraPaws dogs.

Asher and Edelman employee

Mayhew’s TheraPaw dogs provide help to vulnerable, elderly and unwell people. It’s no secret that these dogs are also known to make a huge impact on the general wellbeing and productivity of corporate teams, as well as having a significant effect on the mental health and happiness of individuals.

Research has suggested that after taking time out of a busy day to play with or stroke an animal, employees of any industry are likely to feel better equipped to deal with any ongoing challenges and often communicate better with colleagues. Edelman are amongst many companies that recognise the benefits that dogs have in workplace visits like this one.

Asher cuddles Edelman employee

In 2018 the TheraPaws dogs visited a variety of corporate offices across London, including Buzzfeed, Channel 5 and Audible UK. Staff members across each business praised the visits with one employee going on to say “Being around dogs makes me so happy. Just the thought of seeing Mayhew today cheered me up. I’m at stress level zero right now.”

Investing in employees mental health is an important consideration for any business, on Blue Monday and any other day. The TheraPaw dogs are also known to adore the extra love and attention they get in the sessions, making it a mutually beneficial programme for both human and animal welfare.

If you are interested or wish to find out more about TheraPaws visit their website or get in touch.

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