It’s not a subject for the squeamish but dog poo is a standard, day-to-day part of owning a dog, and did you know how much it can tell you about your dog’s health?

As our dogs sadly can’t tell us when something is wrong, we need to know how to spot the warning signs and we can learn a lot from their faeces. It could be anything from a slightly imbalanced diet to something more sinister, but catching a problem early on is the best way to start helping your beloved hound.

That’s why dog-friendly holiday cottages provider, Canine Cottages, has compiled a handy online guide which could help you tell if your dog is hydrated, well-fed or in need of a vet checkup.

Are you fluent in language of dog poop?

The chart is divided up into the four C’s – Colour, Consistency, Content and Coating which can all be indicators that something isn’t quite right.

Marketing Manager, Jo Price, added, “Of all the campaigns we’ve carried out across Canine Cottages, this is without a doubt the most bizarre one yet! However, poop puns and jokes aside, it does offer up some exceptionally important information for dog owners. Our Canine Cottages customers take huge interest in the welfare of their pups and we hope that this information doesn’t only help them out along the way, but also shows them that we care too!”

The 4 indicators to look out for

As always, if you have any concerns about your dog’s faeces or if you notice a sudden change, it is best to seek the advice of a qualified veterinary professional. 


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