Nick Pearson with a bowl of kibble and his Jack Russell cross Basil

We all have a go-to snack to help keep hunger pangs at bay, but for retired debt advisor turned professional dog walker, Nick Pearson, his snack of choice is raising a few eyebrows.

While walking dogs in the Peak District, Nick from Monash in the Derbyshire Peak District chose to snack on dog treats rather than snacks made for humans.

Nick took to eating dog treats when he discovered they were made up of all-natural human-grade ingredients. The former debt manager, who launched his own dog-walking business last year, first noticed the Burns Chicken and brown rice biscuits were suitable for humans when he forgot his lunch on a particularly long dog walk. After looking at the ingredients which contained brown rice, chicken meal, oats, peas, seaweed and sunflower oil, Nick decided to ‘bite-the-biscuit’ and give them a try.

Dog Walker, Nick-Pearson, with his own dogs
Dog walker Nick Pearson who enjoys the occasional dog food snack

After retiring from his role as a senior manager at a commercial debt solutions company last year, Nick immediately set out acquiring the relevant training and credentials for his own dog walking business, Peak Wags and Woofs. The service operates across Buxton, Bakewell and surrounding villages, and currently provides walks to 30 dogs throughout the week.

Nick says, “It’s amazing to be able to do something that combines two of my greatest loves; dogs and walking, and it’s been great that my own two dogs, Basil and Echo, get to meet and walk with so many lovely and playful dogs. I’ve got to walk in some of the most beautiful spots of the Peak District, meet a host of great dogs and their respective owners and even sample some of the dog’s treats, which were surprisingly tasty! If I was hungry and out on a walk, I’d certainly be happy to snack on a few of the dog’s biscuits again!”

John Burns, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition and Veterinary Surgeon, commented on Nick’s snacking habits, “We were wonderfully surprised when we heard that someone had sampled our original chicken and brown rice recipe and that they had enjoyed it. I’ve sampled a number of our recipes over the years, particularly our Penlan Farm range which is basically a human risotto using organic brown rice, organic chicken and vegetables.

It’s great to know that our food is a hit with humans, as well as dogs. All of our recipes use real, high quality ingredients without any pharmacologically active supplements, designed to let the body get on with what it does best. I’d be interested to hear Nick’s feedback if he gets round to trying the rest of our range!” 


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