A nine-year-old staffie remains unwanted in kennels 466 days after he was rescued from being put to sleep by his owner. The RSPCA is now appealing so this lovely boy can spend his second chance at life in a loving forever home.

Link has had a tough life so far, his previous owner had sentenced him to death until a vet intervened and asked the RSPCA to help him. Since then he has been waiting patiently in kennels but is continuously overlooked through no fault of his own.

Link awaits his forever family. Credit: RSPCA
Link awaits his forever family. 

Although he can be strong on the lead, Link responds well to training, is intelligent and loves learning new skills. He can be frightened by noises so it would be important for any new owners to continue working with him to build his confidence, the RSPCA staff are happy to help with this ongoing work.

Link is very excitable and could live in a home with children, but would be best without other dogs or pets. He also finds it difficult being home alone so will need patient, understanding owners who can spend time teaching him that it’s not scary.

Link needs a patient, understanding owner to help him with separation anxiety

A spokeswoman from RSPCA Isle of Thanet branch, in Kent, which is looking after Link, said, “Link was extremely lucky to be saved when his previous owner decided to have him put to sleep for no good reason. We were happy to step in and give this lovely boy a chance but, unfortunately, it’s not been easy for him.

He’s been rehomed a couple of times but these sadly haven’t worked out – through no fault of his own – and he’s since been in our care for 466 days! Unfortunately, he’s continually overlooked and we can’t understand why. It could be due to his breed, his colour or his age.”

His age, breed and colour could be factors as to why he is still in rescue. 

“Unfortunately, we think Link has been branded with the typical Staffie stigma – which is completely unfair,” the spokesperson added. “Many people don’t even want to hear about him and he gets overlooked time and time again. It’s so sad. We know it takes 37% longer to rehome brindle dogs than other coloured dogs and three times longer to rehome dogs over the age of seven than puppies.

“But Link really is a fantastic dog. All of the staff and volunteers love him terribly and we know he’ll be a loyal friend and wonderful addition to the family. He has so much love to give and would bring his new owners so much joy. You just can’t help but smile when you’re with him – someone just needs to give him a chance.”

Link is currently with the RSPCA Kent Isle of Thanet branch. For more information about him please visit his online profile or call 01843 826180.

Images by RSPCA 


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