Ready Raw range launches this month
Ready Raw range launches this month

Six months ago, we began looking at a range of ideas, with the goal of making Raw feeding convenient for all. We asked ourselves the question ‘What are the barriers to feeding a Raw diet?’.

The core concept of this vision was an easy to feed, affordable product range that would help make raw feeding available to the masses. What we have developed is much more than this, with a number of other functions designed into the products that make them the most convenient to feed Raw products on the market at this time.

Introducing Ready Raw! This range is an excellent addition to the Paleo Ridge business, now servicing a whole portion of the market previously unattainable or recognised.

Poster for Paleo Ridge's new Ready Raw range
The new Ready Raw range from Paleo Ridge


Ready Raw is available in five of our customers’ favourite recipes, in new 200g resealable pouches. This means no more smell, no more long defrosting times, and no more hassle in spending time portioning food out! Simply choose your flavour, get it out of the freezer, tear, thaw and feed.

Recyclability always plays a pivotal role in our design process. We are heavily invested in researching production methods and the environmental impact of packaging formats, to ensure we don’t add to the already enormous plastic issue. The product on launch will consist of a labelled pouch, moving into a colourful new pouch by early summer.

This new range will help concrete Paleo Ridge’s position as the number 1 innovator in the Raw sector, continuing to lead the industry in quality, affordable Raw food.


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