Ginny the Lurcher
Ginny the Lurcher

A brindle Lurcher is struggling to find a home as potential adopters struggle to see past her scarred face.

Six-year-old Ginny has been described as a “very affectionate” dog by staff at Blue Cross’ Lewknor rehoming centre in Oxfordshire, but despite her potential to be a wonderful addition to the family, she’s received no interest.

Ginny with a member of staff
Ginny is described as “affectionate” and “loveable”

It’s not understood how Ginny got her injuries as she was found as a stray by a Welsh charity before being brought to the centre at the start of 2019, but her carers suspect she may have been used for illegal hunting.

She has been check over by a vet and X rays have also revealed an old fracture in one of her legs, a reflection of the possible pain and neglect she experienced before being abandoned.

Ginny’s scars may have been caused by her being used for illegal hunting

Despite the trauma she has suffered, Ginny is said to be thriving in the company of people and could be a brilliant companion for the right person.

Animal Welfare Assistant Laura Smart says, “We’re not sure what kind of life she has had, but we have our suspicions that she was used for hunting due to the scars on her face.

“Sadly, she’s not the most photogenic dog as a result and we’re worried that this is why she’s missing out on interest from people.

“But she’s a loving girl who loves everyone she meets. She’s very affectionate; a bit of a snuggler.

Ginny rolled on her back
Ginny could potentially live in a household with children or another canine

“We’ve been building her confidence around other dogs and she has made some good lurcher friends here at the centre, which is very sweet to see. She’s also picking up training really well.”

Ginny, who has now been in Blue Cross care for more than 50 days, could live with another calm dog in the home as well as children. She ideally needs company for most of the day.

If you think you could give Ginny a home, find out more about her here.


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