It’s officially spring here in the UK, flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer. However, if you are tending to any plants, do remember to keep watering cans out of reach of young dogs – especially Dobermann puppies!

A three-month-old Dobermann puppy called Cassius needed emergency treatment by PDSA after he managed to get his mouth stuck inside a watering can. Chloe Watton, the owner of Cassius, was tending to her house plants and left a watering can on the side, when the curious pup decided to investigate.

Chloe (44) from Hampstead Heath, London, said, “All of a sudden I heard this whimpering, when I looked I could see his face stuck in the watering can. I tried to remove it but couldn’t. Luckily my daughter Mercedez was home from University so we jumped in the car and took him straight to PDSA.”

Cassius was rushed straight through to treatment, when he arrived at Hendon PDSA Pet Hospital. He was became increasingly distressed and in a lot of pain, producing lots of saliva.

Tracy Lutwyche is Head Nurse at Hendon PDSA Pet Hospital, she explained that Cassius was sedated before the watering can was cut so that the vet team could remove it from his jaw safely.

She said, “The can was really stuck so we weren’t able to release it while he was so anxious.

“Once we were able to cut the can we removed it relatively easily and Cassius was ready to go home again after a few hours. He was a little sore and swollen, so we gave him some painkillers to help him with his recovery.”

Chloe said she was grateful to PDSA for the treatment Cassius received and now keeps a closer eye on him so he doesn’t get his head stuck in anything else he shouldn’t.

Pets can get themselves into all sorts of scrapes and mishaps, especially when they are young and inquisitive. To learn what to do in an emergency, register to receive PDSA’s free pet first aid guide with lots of helpful information and advice here


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