What is hydrolysed protein? I have heard people say it is brilliant for dogs with sensitive stomachs, but how is it produced and why does it work?

I have heard of bodybuilders buying hydrolysed whey protein – is it the same stuff? Can you buy hydrolysed protein that isn’t a veterinary diet?

John Burns advises…

Hydrolysed protein is protein that has been broken down chemically using water. The protein pieces become too small for the body to recognise, so the immune system does not react to them any longer. If a dog has an allergy to chicken and you feed hydrolysed chicken, the dog’s immune system will not recognise it and so won’t have a reaction to it.

Dogs with allergies don’t need to be on a hydrolysed diet. If you cut out the ingredients they are reacting to, they won’t show any reactions. It is also important to cut out any treats or chews, as these often get forgotten. Trying a novel ingredient (one that your dog has never had before) is a great place to start when looking for a suitable diet.


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