A revolutionary new diet that involves eating dog food has taken the fitness world by storm!

“I can’t get enough of Pooch & Mutt’s chews. They’re a perfect protein hit after the gym.”

This latest fitness trend comes after leading fitness guru Dr April Phule revealed ground-breaking research in her new diet book explaining how dog food can benefit humans. Following the successful launch of her first book Ditch Your Puppy Fat in 2017, Phule’s new research on molecular macrowooftrients reveals how pet food can help humans get in shape.

Celebrity fitness coach Butch Pawfut has recently introduced his star clients to the ‘The Dog Food Diet’ and it has already caused quite a stir in the fitness world.

“Butch has been my trainer for years and knows how extensive my research in the field has been. I’d started eating dog food when he noticed the difference in my workout performance. He wanted to try it himself and couldn’t believe the results,” Says Phule.

Pawfut has found Pooch & Mutt wet dog food cartons to be of great convenience in his busy lifestyle, “The wet food cartons are so much more convenient than meal-prep. They’ve got all the nutrients I need, and the time saved preparing meals means more time in the gym and working with my clients!”

The Dog Food Diet is not the first example of a pet company finding its way into human trends. Back in July 2018, Mane ‘N Tail horse shampoo became the product of choice for Hollywood celebrities including Demi Moore. Phule’s book has had an outstanding reaction, with reviews from celebrity fans including actress Nicole Pupman, who raved about the diet on social media last week: “I can’t get enough of Pooch & Mutt’s chews. They’re a perfect protein hit after the gym.”

The Dog Food Diet will be hitting shelves on April 1st in major retailers and a host of premium gyms. Would you try it?


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