GGGW 2018 in York / credit: Steve White

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Great Global Greyhound Walk (GGGW) is planning to have its most successful walk yet for 2019 – raising awareness of the breed and funds for rehoming charities.

GGGW 2018 in Toronto C.Armstrong

The annual dog-walking event takes place on Sunday 9 June and is the brainchild of registered charity Greyhound Walks. Its aim is to bring together Greyhounds and their owners to raise awareness of the breed and show the public what wonderful pets they make.

GGGW 2018 IN Cork Ireland / S.Walsh

Originally known as the ‘Great British Greyhound Walk’, the event usually sees large walks with more than 100 dogs. 2018 was a record-breaking year as they saw more sighthounds than ever in the UK and across the world, and this year the event plans to see even more participants.

The event joins owners and dog lovers together to support the many efforts made to help find homes for Greyhounds leaving racing, as well as spreading the word on what great pets they make. Money raised from the walks will be put into supporting charities to help Greyhounds find their forever homes.

GGGW 2018 Atlanta USA / P.Peterson

The GGGW encourages anyone, no matter how big or small their ambitions, to register as an organiser, and bring together Greyhounds and owners within their local communities. Whether it is to organise a walk, join a local organised event, or simply to share their message across social media, all efforts are valued. However you want to get involved, you can help make a difference to the lives of Greyhounds. Further details can be found on the website –



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