Charlie the Boxer

In Dogs Monthly’s April issue we told the story of Joey’s Legacy, a rescue working hard to transform the lives of Boxers and Boxer crosses.

Recently they welcomed a new Boxer into their care, but sadly, due to a terminal diagnosis, Charlie won’t be going to a new home. Instead, rescue founder Nicky Heeley has become his forever carer and she’s determined to show him the best time of his life.

Charlie underweight
Charlie after he was collected

The 13-year-old Boxer came into the care of Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue having spent significant time in a home where his needs weren’t being met. He was extremely underweight and clearly unwell, as he was falling over and passing blood in his urine.

Charlie was taken to the vet’s for investigation the same day he was collected and tests confirmed the worst. Charlie had bladder cancer as well as various other tumours all over his body, and due to his age and condition, treatment is unfortunately not an option at this stage.

Charlie has been given a maximum of eight months

The vet has given Charlie an estimated eight months, but as his symptoms have been showing for some time, the charity believes the time may be much shorter.

Still, despite the prognosis, Charlie is said to be in great spirits now that he receiving the care and attention he deserves. He is gaining weight due to a new better quality diet and is said to be steadier on his feet. More importantly, Charlie is keen to make up for lost time and so, Nicky has created a bucket list to help Charlie live his best life with the time he has left.

Charlie's bucket list
Charlie’s bucket list

Charlie will get the opportunity to experience new sights, sounds and environments, as well as meet lots of new people.

Some of Charlie’s bucket list items:

  • A visit to a police station – Done
  • A visit to a fire station – Done
  • To have a birthday party
  • To win a competition
  • To have a trip to the beach – Done
  • To have a photo shoot – Done
  • To go on a doggie date
  • A steak dinner – Done multiple times

Plus lots more!

Nicky, who has been caring for Charlie, says, “Charlie is coping a lot better than expected, since being on medication he has managed to gain a bit of weight and is no longer passing blood. He loves his food and being spoilt!

“He is in good spirits and is an extremely happy boy. Charlie loves meeting new people and going to new places so he really enjoyed his trips to the fire station, police station and the beach where he met lots of new people and dogs.

“Next on his list is his 14th birthday party which we have arranged for the 14th April at Marine Gardens in Crosby, Liverpool. Come and join us to celebrate Charlie’s birthday.”

Charlie at Crosby Fire Station
Charlie visiting Crosby Fire Station
Charlie visiting Merseyside police
Charlie visiting Merseyside police

The charity adds that it wouldn’t place a dog in an uncomfortable situation, so the list has been devised based on things that Charlie enjoys the most, such as human interaction, investigating new places and food. His story has already touched many people around the world and he’s received hundreds of gifts and cards wishing him well.

When the time does come to say goodbye to Charlie, the charity says it will make sure that he is at home surrounded by love and comfort.

Charlie's trip to the beach
Charlie’s trip to the beach

You can follow Charlie on Instagram @charlies_bucketlist as he continues to tick off items from his list.

For more information on Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue, go to their Facebook: @joeyslegacy or Twitter: legacy_joey.


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