Raising vital funds for the life-saving work of Bio-Detection Dogs and Medical Alert Assistance Dogs, Canter for a Cure is rounding up horse riders from across the UK to take part in the 12-mile cross country ride, this summer.

The popular event is in aid of the charity Medical Detection Dogs and will take place on Saturday 29th June, with the course starting at the Milton Keynes Eventing Centre in Buckinghamshire. Runners and riders will enjoy a beautiful 12-mile cross country ride with optional jumps at the end.

All sponsorship money raised will go to Medical Detection Dogs, who have been training Medical Alert Assistance Dogs and Bio-Detection Dogs to save lives for over ten years.

Credit – JS Been Photographer

Using their amazing sense of smell, Bio-Detection Dogs are trained to detect smells associated with cancers and many other life-threatening diseases such as Parkinson’s, malaria and bacterial infections. They are able to detect these diseases even in their very early stages, which means they can make a significant impact on saving lives.

This pioneering research could help scientists and medics develop faster, cheaper, non-invasive methods of diagnosis.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs, on the other hand, support people with complex health conditions when they are in danger of having a potentially life-threatening medical emergency, so they can take the necessary action and prevent hospital admission. Using the power of their nose, these assistance dogs can be trained to detect even the faintest changes in the odour of their human partner.

Credit – JS Been Photographer

Canter for a Cure started supporting Medical Detection Dogs five years ago. In addition to her great love of dogs, Claire Guest (CEO) is a keen rider and knew that the riding community would get behind the cause as horses and dogs go well together.

Claire says, “We are thankful to the company Equetech for first introducing us to Canter for a Cure and allowing Medical Detection Dogs to now run the event. We are thrilled with the number of people that take part and we are thankful for their support.

“The money raised makes a real difference to our world-leading research and allows us to continue training dogs to use their wonderful noses to detect a range of conditions and diseases. We love watching people have a great time and are very much looking forward to the novel costumes that are worn by rider and sometimes horse in support of the event. “

To find out more and to register your interest visit www.medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk/events


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