Staff at Dogs Trust Manchester are searching for a new family for a deaf dog who has found herself without a forever home at the age of nine.

Shar Pei Coco has spent over a month at the Denton based rehoming centre and the team are concerned that she hasn’t found a home because of her deafness, despite describing her as, ‘a clever, beautiful, affectionate girl’.

Dawn Bishop, Manager at Dogs Trust Manchester says, “Coco really is a very sweet girl but she isn’t getting a lot of interest from potential adopters, which is such a shame as she will be a lovely family pet.

“As she has been here a few weeks we’ve had the chance to discover that she is very clever, loves to head out on a great walk, enjoys playing with her toys and is a joy to be around. She really deserves to find her special someone sooner rather than later.”

Deaf dogs tend to adapt amazingly well to life without sounds and when it comes to training, the team say it is similar to hearing dogs as hand signals are used.

Canine Carer Sarah Eastwood gives deaf Coco a thumbs up after she sat perfectly on request.
Canine Carer Sarah Eastwood gives deaf Coco a thumbs up after she sat perfectly on request.

Dawn adds, “When we are teaching Coco new tricks, a big thumbs up, a huge smile, a cuddle or a piece of hot dog, her favourite treat, are all ways we are able to show her how well she has done, and it is lovely to see her excited response! She is really rewarding to be around and full of fun as well as being very loving.

“She would be a lovely addition to a family, and we recommend that she lives with children over the age of 14 as, understandably, she might get startled by the movements of young children or if they approach her without her seeing them first.

“She is adorable and, as her name suggests, very sweet so we really do hope people look beyond her deafness and instead they realise what a wonderful canine companion she would be.”

Coco needs a home with a secure garden where she can play to her heart’s content and she would like her family to enjoy a day out as much as she does. She would like to be the only pet in the home and would like a home that doesn’t have young children visiting.

If you think Coco could be the perfect match for you, you can visit the centre at Dogs Trust Manchester on Parkway, Denton, M34 3SG or call the centre on  0161 470 1042.


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