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Heart Health

You brush your dogs’ fur, clean their teeth and care for their bones, but have you ever thought about the wellbeing of their heart? To help, give your dog Heart Health by Animigo, a premium supplement made specifically for pets. Containing the best natural ingredients including L-carnitine, taurine, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E, Heart Health can keep your dog feeling happy and healthy! Plus, it comes in handy sprinkle capsules for fussier furry friends! Use discount code ‘DOGSMONTHLY’ for 10% off our Heart Health supplement today.

0203 322 1746 www.animigo.co.uk


Naylor Agility

Naylor Specialist Plastics manufacture a new and extended range of high-quality dog agility tunnels. The dog agility tunnels are handmade using heavy-duty, fire-resistant PVC materials, making them extremely hardwearing, robust and easy to wipe clean.

The Naylor dog agility tunnels are available in 600mm diameter with 10 standard colours, five different lengths and three weights (light, medium and heavy duty). Naylor manufacture to order, to ensure your exact requirement is supplied, considering your specific colours, loops, bags and design.

01709 872574 www.nayloragility.co.uk


Ultra Bee Health

There are two main reasons why dogs itch. Firstly, the skin’s condition. Is it infected, too oily, or too dry? Of these three, dry skin is a frequent occurrence. The second major cause of pruritus is allergies, which may make your dog’s skin dry, greasy, or slightly dry and oily, accompanied by frequent scratching, licking or chewing. Ultra Bee Health offers a range of natural, organic pet balms, propolis purifying hygiene and grooming products made with beehive and plant products that are non-toxic, ensuring your pet is kept comfortable in their own skin.

0203 189 1465 ultrabeehealth.co.uk 


Nupafeed Stress- Less

Stress-Less uses patented MAH® magnesium to uniquely support against stress and anxiety without the use of drowsy herbs or additives.

Magnesium is required for normal muscle, nerve and hormone function. Not only does magnesium provide essential support against stress, requirement is also increased by anxiety and even excitement.

Nupafeed Stress-Less is available in tablet or liquid form. Feeding is flexible and can be tailored to meet individual needs. Suitable for any stress-related behaviour for dogs at home, in training or competition.

Nupafeed is not available in shops. Fast mail order delivery.

01438 861900




We know how upsetting it can be when our dogs suffer from stress and anxiety, and also how much the resulting behavioural problems can interfere with the happy relationship between dog and owner.

Stress will often prevent dogs from being sufficiently relaxed to learn more acceptable behaviours, but the biochemical pathway that reflects anxiety in dogs is similar to that in humans and Breakthrough is a convenient, complete dry food for all dogs, that encourages the serotonin pathway in a dog’s brain, making him more receptive and relaxed which, in turn, helps him learn.



TurmerEase turmeric supplement

The Golden Paste Company’s award-winning pet supplement, TumerEase, is formulated with a bespoke blend of turmeric, linseed, Yucca, black pepper and apple cider vinegar. Manufactured with ingredients to support your pet’s natural inflammation processes, TurmerEase aids joint health, mobility, digestion, and excellent coat and skin condition. Hypoallergenic and grain free with a high meat content, TurmerEase is manufactured in the UK with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Designed for ease of use and mess free, TurmerEase is available online and from pet stores around the UK.

01423 503319



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