Is your dog or cat a couch potato? Then maybe you can relate to some of these sofa-loving pets.

Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, has released some of the best entries from their recent competition to find the nation’s most sofa-loving pets.

Carl Randle, Executive at ScS said, “We were blown away by the number of photos sent in, and with hundreds of them being strong contenders, it made picking a winner quite difficult. We felt Alfie truly nailed the king of the couch look, as well as making us all laugh!

“Although we’re known to be a house-proud nation, it’s refreshing to see that we’re not ashamed to show-off our adorable pets getting comfortable on furniture – they really are  part of the family after all and we like to see them happy.”

Here are their top 12 (out of 800), including the winning entry, Alfie the Jack Russell Terrier from Edinburgh.

King of the couch: Alfie, nine months, Jack Russell Terrier 

Alfie the JRT
Winner Alfie

Having been crowned the King of the Couch, Alfie has won a brand-new leather Endurance sofa from ScS.

Alfie’s owner, Dale, says, “I am absolutely amazed. Alfie has been a member of the family for eight months now and loves sprawling out on the sofa, and this new one will be no exception.”

Runners up:

Maverick, the fluffy mixed-breed cat

Maverick, the fluffy mixed breed cat.

Believe it or not, Maisey is actually a dog and not a unicorn

Maisie the Staffie
Maisie the Staffie

Meet Flash, a walkies loving two-year-old Labrador

Flash the Lab

Gini, the ginger Cocker Spaniel loves cuddles with her family

Gini, Cocker Spaniel
Gini, Cocker Spaniel

Little and large: Rescued Marley, the Great Dane, and Dash, the Shibu, are inseparable

Marley the Great Dane
Marley the Great Dane and Dash the Shibu

Ruler of the roost, Floyd, is a rescue cat who sometimes lets his owners sit down

Floyd the rescue ginger cat
Floyd the rescue ginger cat

Baxter, the three-year-old Labrador looks very happy to be catching up with his owners

Baxter the Labrador
Baxter the Labrador

Miniature Schnauzer, Sadie, has her own side of the sofa

Sadie the Miniature Schnauzer
Sadie the Miniature Schnauzer

Golden Retriever, Sully, likes to be tucked up by his owner for afternoon naps

Sully the Golden Retriever
Sully the Golden Retriever

Tilley, the Persian cat, knows how to chill-out at the end of a busy day

Tilly the Persian
Tilley, the Persian cat

Dog with a job, this therapy Springer Spaniel loves having five minutes to himself

Therapy dog, Springer Spaniel

To see more amazing entries of sofa loving pets, here:


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