Rosie and Jim

Staff at Dogs Trust Leeds are on the lookout for a special home for a devoted duo who have found themselves looking for a new home after their owner sadly passed away.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rosie and Jim are inseparable and so the team are hoping that dog-loving locals have double the love, and double the room, for the pair.

Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Leeds Manager, says, “They are a gorgeous pair and given they have had to leave behind everything they’ve ever known, it’s lovely that they are so happy together.

“Jim, who is four, can be a little shy and Rosie, who is ten, is a very sweet, older girl. Jim definitely benefits from being able to follow in Rosie’s paw prints, so we are hoping it won’t be long before they find their special someone.”

Rosie and Jim can live with a family with children over the age of 16 and would love their two-legged friends to be around most of the time whilst they settle in. Although she is an Older Age Pooch (OAP), Rosie loves to play with her toys and enjoys a fuss too. They love each other’s company but want to be the only dogs in the home and would prefer to be walked in quieter areas.

Amanda says, “Rosie and Jim have been waiting to find their forever family for more than a month now. Obviously welcoming two dogs into your home is a huge commitment but we’re hoping that someone out there is looking for double the doggie love as these two will make lovely, loyal canine companions.”

If you think you could provide Rosie and Jim with their ideal home, please call Dogs Trust Leeds on 0113 5324335. To find out more about all the dogs waiting for their forever home at Dogs Trust, visit


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