Wedding dog

In what I thought was a sensible move, I took off my wedding ring to bathe my dog. To my horror, when I turned around to pick up the sponge, my dog licked up my ring and swallowed it! What should I do?

Alison Logan advises…

All is not lost, hopefully. If this happened in the last few minutes, then ring your veterinary practice, explain the situation and head straight over there so that your dog can be given a drug to make him sick. It should then be possible to retrieve your wedding ring from the vomit (yuk!).

If, however, it was a few hours ago, then I would still take your dog to the practice for an X-ray. If your ring is still in the stomach, causing vomiting is still a viable option as before. If the ring has moved into the intestines, then one can only hope that it will have a smooth passage through and it will be a matter of checking through your dog’s faeces to retrieve your ring (double yuk!). Any signs of obstruction, such as vomiting, anorexia or abdominal pain will be an indication that the ring has become stuck and surgery will be needed to remove it.

It is always worth X-raying before any interventions, as it may be that the wedding ring is still somewhere at home – your dog having spat it out on realising it was not very tasty!


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