Tenerife-based artist Nikki Attree has launched a brand new project to try and find homes for dogs in need.
Nikki, who featured in our February 2019 with her ‘Rescue Me’ portraits of Tenerife’s rescue dogs, plans to create illustrations of abandoned dogs every day and use the power of the internet to publicise them and the rescue where they currently reside.
Each illustration, which takes around three hours to complete, will include a picture of dog created using a photo sent to Nikki by the rescue, the dog’s name, and contact details for the rescue, and will feature dogs from all over the world, not just Tenerife.
Zoila a rescue dog
So far, Nikki has made several illustrations for the RSPCA which have been shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
The ‘sketch-a-refuge-dog-a-day’ project starts this month and will continue up until Nikki’s ‘Rescue Me’ exhibition in October.
Max at the RSPCA
Says Nikki, “I started by making illustrations of rescue dogs in the local refuges in Tenerife (the Canary Islands have the highest numbers of abandoned dogs in Europe, so it’s a big problem here). Then I widened it to include refuges elsewhere in the world (such as the RSPCA and Dog’s Trust in the UK).
“If anybody reading this would like their refuge to be included then please send me a photo of a dog that needs a home.”
At this early stage, it’s hard to say if the illustrations have helped find homes, but Nikki says it has helped raise awareness and hopefully brings more visitors to the rescues.
“At the end of the project, I’m hoping to produce a book of the illustrations and donate the profits from it to a local refuge.”
To follow the project and see more of Nikki’s work, visit her Facebook & Twitter.


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