My husband and I have been on a waiting list for a Samoyed from a reputable breeder for a long time and finally have a puppy reserved. We have only owned short-haired breeds and are unfamiliar with double-coated breeds, so would like some tips concerning brushing/hair care, please.

Stuart Simons advises…

How exciting to finally be getting your dream dog. As you know, Samoyeds have a long double coat and require quite a lot of grooming. Their hair is beautiful and needs to be kept in good condition so they can regulate their temperature effectively. It is really easy for their undercoat to get compacted and so a lot of home grooming, running alongside a regular professional grooming routine, will help you to manage this.

You will need a good-quality slicker brush, a comb and a Furminator. A good thorough brush once a day with a slicker brush will keep your dog in tip-top condition and you should check through the coat afterwards for any knots or missed spots. If you find any, go back to the brush and go over that area again, paying attention to get to the skin.

You would use the short hair Furminator on the head and the lower legs. People often forget to brush these areas, but you would be surprised how much hair you can get out.

Your professional groomer will wash your dog and then blast dry with a high-velocity dryer, making sure to really get as much air into the coat as possible. They may rake the coat too depending on its condition. If the coat is not properly dried, it can cause hot spots, so please make sure that if your dog gets wet on a walk, that you thoroughly dry him afterwards. You can use a normal hairdryer too.

Good luck and don’t forget to find your local qualified groomer at


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