After battling several life-threatening and debilitating health conditions, nine-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel J-lo has been recently diagnosed with a severe case of Cushings syndrome. Her devoted owner Patrick Copley is now facing an upsetting end to their journey together but needs help from fellow dog owners and lovers to create as many memories with her as possible.

Described as a ‘little fighter’ J-lo suffers from Syringohydromyelia, sleep apnoea and facial nerve paralysis, which required ongoing monitoring and surgery with the Animal Health Trust (AHT). In 2017, we shared J-lo’s story in an urgent fundraising plea to help her continue to get treatment as expensive medical bills were stacking up.

Unfortunately, since then this brave girl has faced further issues. Her heart murmur has risen to grade 5, tumours on her ears lead to complete hearing loss, and a severe case of Cushings syndrome has led to her deterioration as a pulmonary tumour is developing within her brain. J-lo has now been placed on palliative care as there are no further treatments or medications available, but soul-mate Patrick is determined that himself and J-lo should be taking the time now to make some lasting memories.

Despite her current condition, Patrick describes J-lo as still having a zest for life as she continues to have an appetite and still wants to walk. Her remarkable fight has gained her many fans from around the world as she has received over 400 greeting cards as well as sufficient funds raised for her previous treatments.

As treatment is no longer an option, Patrick tried to go give the funds back. Knowing the extremely difficult journey the pair have been on, it was only right for donations to go towards making memories together instead.

Patrick and J-lo already have some special moments planned; a trip to Westminster and a photo shoot at 10 Downing Street is in store for them both. The pair also received a letter containing blessings on behalf of his Holiness Pope Francis.


Patrick said, “Well what can I say? To me J-lo is just a pure inspiration as without having her I would have not lived my life properly. She is more than a support doggie to me; J-lo is my friend, soulmate and companion she comes everywhere with myself.

“I would like to thank all her Facebook family as they have been such a good support network along the local CTSK Church. It’s important now that myself and J-lo make as many memories as possible so I can cherish them, which is why it’s been arranged for us to visit Westminster/Downing street.”

It’s been a trying time for both Patrick and J-lo, multiple surgeries has meant they have had to spend a lot of time apart from each other. A dog as brave as J-lo definitely deserves to make some special memories with her best friend. Show them some support on Facebook and read more about her story on her website.


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