Carol and Jeffrey Hartnell
Carol and Jeffrey Hartnell

More than 6,000 dogs are expected to take part in 40 memorial dog walks across the UK and the US in memory on a Dachshund who died following a dog attack.

Jeffrey was killed on Crosby Beach 12 months ago by three ‘out of control’ dogs. His owner Carol Hartnell is now campaigning for harsher punishments for the owners of dogs who are out of control in public.

Nine-year-old Jeffrey sustained ‘catastrophic injuries’ when three dogs attacked him on 26 June last year. His heartbroken owner was also bitten and Jeffrey died three days later from his injuries.

More than 72,000 people have since signed Carol’s petition calling for harsher punishments for people whose dogs are dangerous, out of control in public and attack.

“Twelve months on since Jeffrey was torn apart in front of me, I still cry every day,” said Carol, who lives in Northop in North Wales. “I have to live with the trauma of those memories for the rest of my life and I’ll never stop fighting for justice.

“We need 100,000 signatures on our petition for it to be considered by Parliament, which is why the memorial walks are so important in highlighting our cause. More than 6,000 dog owners are expected to take part here in the UK, as well as in the Isle of Man and the United States. This is about unity, remembrance and positive action; the support I have received from the worldwide Dachshund community has been above and beyond.”

Carol and Jeffrey Hartnell
Carol and Jeffrey Hartnell

Carol and her partner were walking on Crosby Beach on the evening of 26 June when Jeffrey was pounced on by two Lurchers and a Shar Pei. The Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund was tossed in the air “like a soft toy” and bitten on the neck and stomach during the two-minute attack.

Last September, Anfield resident Michael Waters appeared at South Sefton Magistrates and pled guilty to being the owner/person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control. He received a fine and has been banned from keeping dogs for three years.

“I get messages every week from desperate owners whose dogs have been attacked or killed; they don’t know how to report it or how to get justice,” added Carol, who is a Theatre Scrub Practitioner.

“I’m glad to help as many people as I can, but it feels bittersweet because every incident is a constant reminder of what I’ve lost.

“My saving grace is Stanley – the Dachshund pup I adopted last July. It takes every ounce of courage I have to walk with him on Crosby Beach, but the two of us will do it on 30 June during Jeffrey’s memorial walk.”

For a full list of Justice for Jeffrey Memorial Walks or to sign the petition, visit


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