Lola and Paul with Jessie, Credit - Jersey Evening Post

Grateful owners are calling their beloved dog’s recovery a miracle after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that left her with only a six percent chance of survival.

Jessie the Jack Russell was born deaf, her fur-parents Lola Butel and Paul Holt rescued her at four months old from Jersey animal shelter. Now at eight years old, Jessie has made some precious memories with her owners and has a happy life.

In 2013, Lola and Paul noticed a lump on Jessie’s leg and had it checked out, a vet told them it was a cyst and that there was nothing to worry about. However, earlier last year the lump returned but this one didn’t seem right and wouldn’t go down. To their devastation, after removing the tumour, tests revealed that Lola and Paul’s sweet Jack Russell, had a high-grade mast cell tumour.

Jessie underwent another operation, by Peter Haworth at New Era vets, to remove the grade 5 tumour. It was the third case in twenty years that Peter had seen of a tumour rated five and as a result, Jessie was started on an anti-cancer medication called Palladia after its removal.

The drug would cause side effects, however, it was decided that the chance of their dog surviving would outweigh this.

Jessie was referred to Ben Benadener from New Era vets, who was very knowledgeable on the new drug. It was only right that Ben would look after Jessie while she was on treatment and he was on hand to give Lola and Paul advice as well as medicine for Jessie to take three times a week.

Jessie’s first blood test gave them hope as, after a month, tests began to show that everything was going in the right direction and the cancer wasn’t spreading to her lymph nodes or organs, increasing her chance of survival to 30 percent.

There were setbacks which slowed the treatment down, but Jessie responded very positively to Palladia and Lola and Paul received the incredible news that she is in remission with no signs of cancer in her blood.

Jessie still had to go for two month check-ups with blood tests, and the next step for the vets was managing the drug, but now Lola and Paul are expecting Jessie to come off Palladia this August.

Lola said, “When we were told about Jessie’s diagnosis and the high rate of the mast cell cancer we would have never had thought that she would be here today, let alone be in remission for the last 10 months.

Lola and Paul with Jessie, Credit – Jersey Evening Post
“Jessie’s had a few issues but is back on track. We cannot thank enough Peter Haworth who operated on Jessie and Ben Benander, who is overseeing Jessie’s palladia treatment and is always on hand, they are from New Era Veterinary Surgery, in Jersey, Channel Islands.”
“I would advise any owner, of any animal, that should they see a lump or even a characteristic change in their pets to take them to their vets”.


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