Coco with Mayhew vet
Coco with Mayhew Vet

Saving dogs in need are often the inspiring stories many rescue centres share with us to highlight what can be achieved in animal rescue.

But to highlight the sadder side of rescue, Mayhew Animal Home has decided to honour the memory of a dog euthanised last month and show the difficult decisions the team are faced with on a daily basis.

Eight-year-old coco, a long-haired Chihuahua, was sadly put to sleep following a tragic car accident. Not every animal that comes through the Mayhew’s doors can be saved – but the charity wishes to highlight that every animal is treated with dignity and respect regardless of the circumstances around their admittance.

Coco arrived at the centre last month after she was hit by a car and left badly injured. Coco was clearly in pain and distress so she was immediately taken to the Mayhew’s Community Vet clinic for investigation. A radiograph revealed Coco had broken her pelvis and reconstructive surgery was scheduled but whilst on cage rest, vets also noticed that Coco hadn’t passed any urine or faeces since the accident.

This indicated that Coco had also suffered severe nerve damage which was irreversible and together with the risks of major surgery, her prognosis was extremely poor. Vets made the difficult decision to end her suffering and put Coco to sleep. She was provided with a safe and comfortable space to spend her final hours.

Although not every animal the charity sees has a happy ending, the charity says it won’t stop trying to help those in need and says if you are having trouble looking after your pet, or you suspect that something is wrong with an animal, please call their Animal Welfare Officers on 020 8962 8000 for free, non-judgemental advice and assistance.


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