We are going to be collecting our new Cavapoo puppy in a couple of weeks time. We are really excited and are busy making sure we are prepared for her arrival and that we have everything we need. We are thinking of getting a crate or puppy pen, but are unsure which is best.

She is currently in a puppy pen at the breeder’s and is used to a crate. Which should we get or should we opt for both?

Sue Williams advises…

It is excellent that the breeder has got her used to a crate and puppy pen, as it will save you a lot of time getting her acclimatized to them. I personally like to use both so if you have the room, opt for the two.

Although both do the same thing – restrict a puppy’s access to places – they are useful for slightly different things.

Crates act as a dog’s bed area: they are for resting and sleeping. They are really useful in helping to toilet train your puppy. Most pups won’t go to the toilet in their sleeping area so, as long as you take them out regularly, it helps them learn to be clean – particularly at key times, such as overnight.

Puppy pens allow more freedom: there is space for a puppy to move around and play yet still be safe. I would use the pen for times when you are around but can’t keep a close eye on her.


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