Harley now

A 14-year-old German Shepherd who was rescued by the RSPCA, is finally learning what life is all about and is in search of a forever home.

Harley was left bald after suffering a flea infestation and skin disease. In arrived at RSPCA Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Branch in April, and his appearance was proof of the tough life he’d led. 

Animal care manager Gary Taylor said, “Harley is absolutely beautiful – though not necessarily in the most conventional ways. He’s one of the most good-natured and gold-hearted dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

“But life hasn’t been as kind to Harley as he deserved and the state of him when he first entered our care was testament to that.

“When he arrived you could count each one of his vertebrae from the other side of the room. His skin was taut over his exposed ribs and he was, for the most part, bald. His body was blotchy and raw in places. He staggered and stumbled. His eyes were sunken.

“He was at his lowest ebb but he remained strong. And he’s come on so much since.”
Harley before
Harley before
Staff have spent three months building up Harley’s strength and teaching him to trust again.

Gary added, “We have seen an amazing turnaround for Harley. Each and every day his fur thickens across his back and his bones are now hidden beneath replenished hair, muscle and heft. There’s still work to be done but his progress so far has been above and beyond all hope and expectation.

“Now the real Harley has been able to shine through. He plays and bounces now. He’s gentle and loving. At other times he’s playful and silly, clever and cuddly. He nuzzles into you and buries his nose into your lap. He loves socialising, being scratched and cuddled.”
Harley before
Harley before
According to staff, Harley loves being with people and also gets on well with other calm dogs. He walks well on the lead, is house-trained and knows lots of basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.

He loves toys and treats but can be a bit greedy and often scrounges for snacks. He’s looking for a home with children aged over 10 and could live with another dog but would be best with a family with no other pets like cats or small furries as he likes to chase!

“Harley is such a unique, amazing boy and desperately deserves a loving home,” Gary added.
“You will never regret allowing Harley into your life. It would be all the richer for it.”
For more information on Harley please visit his online profile or call the branch on 01246 273358 (phone lines open between 10am – 4.30pm, Tuesday through Sunday).


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