Assistance dog

We have recently been given the opportunity to rehome an assistance dog called Lilly, who is about to retire, but have been made aware she has had problems with her ears in the past. As the current insurance is one that covers her while she is working, she will no longer be covered when she retires. Would the ear problem affect cover in the future with another insurer if she were to suffer again?

Neil Flint advises…

It will all depend on what the diagnosis of the condition was. Before starting a new policy, I recommend requesting the vet history to review any pre-existing conditions, as the new insurer will base any exclusions upon such history.

Depending on the condition, some insurers may only exclude ear conditions, some may exclude any skin conditions or allergies and some may not place exclusions at all depending on when it happened.

If you would like us to look into a suitable insurer and the possible exclusions that may be placed on a policy, then we would be happy to look into this further. Call VIP on 01642 552188.


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