Sleeping office dog

By Jamie Field, Managing Director, TopLine Film

The decision to welcome dogs to your workplace is a significant one. We made that decision in 2012 when my then puppy, Devon, started accompanying me to work at my video production company. The team was delighted to have a furry new colleague, and I was surprised to find that having a dog in the office soon became one of the things people loved most about working for us. Since then our dog-friendly policy has expanded, and we now have up to five dogs at a time in the office.

Topline office

But allowing dogs in your office requires some planning. Here’s what we do to make sure it’s a success:

Educate your colleagues 

When bringing a new dog to work, people need to be informed of the rules: are they allowed to give her snacks? What should they do if she jumps up on them? And who should they call if they see her doing something naughty?

Keep an eye on water

Make sure there is always a fresh bowl of water available for your canine colleagues. We aim to empty, wash and replenish the water bowl every morning.

Puppy in the office

Create a den

Even the most hyperactive of puppies needs a safe, quiet place to take a nap. We tend to create dens with soft dog beds under the owner’s desks to ensure our pets can have some down time when they need it.

Dog-proof the office

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t have wires and cables within reaching distance of your dogs – at best they will bound through them, creating chaos. At worst, they will chew through them which can be dangerous (and annoying).

Ollie the office dog

Have a plan for visitors 

Not everyone loves dogs as much as you do, so make sure you have a plan for people who would rather not be greeted with a wet-nose-to-the-crotch when they arrive at your office for a meeting. We tend to secure our dogs’ leads to a desk when a new person is coming in for a meeting.

Keep cleaning products at the ready

When you have a new puppy in the office, you need to prepare for accidents – have paper towels and floor cleaner on hand so that you can deal with little mishaps as they arise!


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