For most of us, a dog is just another member of the family: They might be allowed on the sofas, and sometimes they’ll sneak into bed with us for a cheeky cuddle! It might feel like your dog runs the place, but you don’t have to live in the dog house.

Today, Joanne from Expert Home Tips is here to share some essential cleaning tips for dog owners. Let’s get started!

  1. The secret to removing pet hair from carpets

No matter how much you vacuum, pet hair can be tricky to remove. If you could make a rug from the fluff that gets stuck in your carpet, this is the hack for you!

Take a rubber glove or a shower squeegee and rub along the carpet. You’ll notice the hair pulls up easily with the grip from the rubbery surface. You don’t need to use this trick all over your carpets, just on high traffic areas where your pup loves to sit.

TOP TIP: If you haven’t already got a pet-friendly vacuum, it might be time to upgrade.

  1. Be prepared

Sometimes the best cure is prevention. Always keep an old towel by the front and back door so that you’re ready to welcome home even the muddiest of paws!

  1. Bath time!

How often do you shower… and how often do you bathe your dog? We’re not getting personal here, we’re just making a point! If you want to keep your home clean, the key is regular grooming for the pair of you.

To keep bad smells at bay, you should wash your dog’s coat once a month with a dog-friendly shampoo. Follow up with a brush to help remove loose hairs and keep knots at bay. Of course, you don’t have to do all of this yourself – there are plenty of professional groomers out there who will give your pooch the VIP treatment.

  1. Cover furnishings

We all know the best seat in the house is reserved for the dog, so be sure to keep it protected. Soft furnishings can quickly be destroyed by muddy paws, dribbling mouths and doggie smells. Purchase some blankets to drape over their favourite spots. When you have guests over, you can remove the blankets to reveal a fresh, clean-smelling chair.

Blankets are also much easier to clean than upholstery – just pop them in the wash on a weekly rotation!

  1. They see me rolling

Have you heard about lint rollers? They’re commonly used to remove bobbles and hair from clothing, but they’re perfect for cleaning your home, too! Roll the sticky surface over your sofa, bedding and cushions to keep them hair-free.

  1. How to deep clean dog toys

Have you ever thought about how many germs are lurking on your dog’s toys?

Get them clean in a flash by running them on a regular cycle in the dishwasher. If the toy has a hole, you might want to plug it up with a blob of hot glue – this will stop mould from building up inside.

Soft toys can get the same treatment! Take an old pillowcase and pop the toys inside. Throw them in the wash and, once they are dry, collect them up neatly in a basket.  Keep the lid off so that they can easily access their favourite toys.

  1. Use dog-friendly products

When cleaning your home, always be aware of what you’re using. Some products can be toxic for dogs so, even though it sounds obvious, ensure that they’re kept well away from things like freshly-mopped floors and bleached toilet bowls.

Natural and eco-friendly cleaning products are usually safe, but always double-check or take correct precautions.


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