They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And an unusual-looking French bulldog, affectionately named Ugly Betty, is hoping that is true – as she searches for a new home.

Staff at the  RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch have fallen for the eight-year-old frenchie, but are concerned her odd looks may put off potential adopters. She came into the charity’s care in July after her owners could no longer care for her and is now looking for a paw-fect partner.

Animal support worker Kathy Butler said, “French bulldogs are a hugely popular breed at the moment and we were sure that Ugly Betty would be snapped up quickly. But we think people may be put off by her unusual looks and her health complications.

“Betty is absolutely adorable and has such a lovely, sweet nature. She’s really chilled out and loves going for a little stroll. Her favourite thing is going for a drive in the car and she also loves to potter around the garden in the sunshine. She’s doing well so far and we believe the medication will work for her but we know this is a big financial commitment for any new owner,” Kathy added.

It’s believed the sweet-natured pooch had been previously used for breeding. She’s also missing an eye and is suffering from Cushing’s Disease for which she needs ongoing medication and blood checks.

Betty loves to collect things and take them to her bed, from socks to flip flops! She would love to find a new home with an owner who is around for much of the day and a canine chum to keep her company. She loves her current playmate, foster brother Wilbur, and they enjoy playing and snuggling up together.

She needs a home with direct access to a garden as her condition means she needs to go to the toilet often but will let her owners know when she needs to go out and uses puppy pads at night. Staff hope this will get easier as her medication takes full effect. She can’t live with a cat and would be best in an adult-only home or a household with older children.

If you feel you can offer Betty the life she deserves and can meet her needs – medically and financially (the branch will provide her first three months of medication whilst she is stabilising) – please fill in this online form.

For more information about Ugly Betty visit her online profile, her Instagram account (@ugly_betty_needs_a_home) or contact the branch on or 07749 175023. 


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