Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is renewing it warning against the online sale of pets, following the rehoming of a dog that grew too large for her owner to handle after being bought online at six weeks old.

11-month-old Blue was sold online as a Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and, at 35 kg, likely still has some more growing to do. Sadly, her size and strength became too much for her owner and she made the responsible decision to bring her in to Battersea to rehome.

Battersea’s Rehoming & Welfare Manager, Rebecca Lodder, said, “Blue’s story highlights the perils of buying puppies online, as new owners often have no clear idea of the kind of dog they’re getting. At six weeks old, Blue would have been a small puppy, and it’s often the cute factor that leads people to buy pets without doing their research.

“We’re seeing a rise in the number of dogs coming into Battersea that have been bought online, and the reasons are often concerned with sellers not being entirely truthful about a dog’s health, breed or temperament.”

Blue in her new home

Blue has found a new home with Simon Blissett and his family, who live in Bedfordshire. Simon says, “Blue is a really affectionate dog, she’s very smiley and we all love her. When people ask me about her, they can’t believe she’s still a puppy because she’s already so large. She’s very energetic, but also loves having naps on my son’s bed at the end of a long day.”

Images by Battersea


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