Raise awareness for arthritis in dogs and join vet of the year, Hannah Capon and her team at Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) in the Big September Walks, which are happening throughout this month.

The team at CAM work tirelessly to provide education to both dog owners and veterinary professionals about how even the smallest of changes can help to enhance the life of a dog with arthritis. The team promote tackling arthritis from all different angles, alongside challenging the misconception that slowing down is just a part of dogs’ ageing.

Recent work from the Royal Veterinary College and University of Sydney through VetCompass™ highlighted some of the biggest welfare challenges facing our pet population including obesity, dental disease and osteoarthritis, with osteoarthritis identified as one of the most severe conditions.

Vet Hannah said, “We need to start more conversations about arthritis; both dog owners and vets need to be more aware of the steps we can take to help prevent arthritis, and where dogs are affected, how we can take positive action to help them live fulfilled and comfortable lives.”

Arthritis is currently one of the biggest causes of owners choosing to euthanise their dogs and Vet Hannah believes that this needs to change. Owners organise their own walk or can take part in walks being organised across the country this September, and help CAM spread the message that arthritis can be managed.

Big doesn’t have to mean walking miles or involving huge groups, big just means an achievement for owners and their dogs no matter their dog’s level of mobility. CAM hope that every set of paws involved will help spread their message; with funds raised through the Big September Walks going towards continuing their CAMpaign.

To find out more about the Big September Walks visit: www.facebook.com/CAMBigSeptemberWalks and join in with the hashtag #yourdogmoreyears


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