In July, we shared the story of Jessie the Jack Russell who incredibly survived a cancer diagnosis despite being given a six percent chance of survival, thanks to a new anti-cancer medication. We are now happy to announce that she is completely off the drug and has been given the all-clear!

After being found to have a grade five tumour, Jessie has remarkably been in remission for over 10 months now. Thanks to New Era vets in Jersey, Jessie was given a fighting chance on the new anti-cancer medication called Palladia. While the drug had side effects, the potential chance of Jessie surviving would by far outweigh the risks.

Owners Paul Holt and Lola Butel, were expecting her to come off the drug this August and recently, after receiving some further tests, the results showed no signs of cancer and Jessie can come off the drug all together.

Dogs Monthly are delighted to hear of the good news and hope that Jessie and her owners can put the frightening ordeal behind them and continue to make precious memories together.


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