Labrador puppy

We have recently brought home a Labrador puppy named Pip. He is lovely, but we are worried, as he seems very boisterous. He is now 14 weeks old and seems very full of himself for a baby.

Is it normal for a pup to be so confident and do we really need to socialise him, as he not fazed by anything?

Sue Williams advises…

Pip sounds fantastic! His attitude and confidence are something you should view positively. I would much rather have a puppy with Pip’s attitude than one who lacks confidence.

It is vital to remember that puppies are like babies – they don’t understand and have not been taught how to behave appropriately. Being consistent is extremely important. For example, if you don’t want Pip to jump up at people when greeting them, ensure you do not let anyone encourage this. Inconsistency only results in a mixed-up confused pup.

Puppy socialisation is the key to a confident and happy adult dog. Confident pups like Pip still require correct exposure and socialisation to ensure they develop into confident adults. Many people make the mistake of thinking socialisation is purely exposure, but it is so much more. Socialisation is familiarising a pup so they are confident, but it is also critical that you teach your puppy how to behave appropriately. The boisterousness you describe can easily be channelled by training into behaviours you want.


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