Summer Pomeranian

A tiny Pomeranian has been found wandering the streets of Wembley late at night and has been taken to Mayhew for treatment.

Three-year-old Summer was in significant distress when she was discovered by a concerned member of the public. Her fur was matted and she was covered in urine, dirt and faeces.

She was taken to Mayhew where their emergency night staff admitted her and checked her over. They found she was riddled with fleas and could not stop scratching. She also displayed nervous and scared behaviour, including whining and cowering, so to make her feel more comfortable, the Head of Kennels gently clipped away her matted fur. She was given flea and worm treatment and a warm cosy kennel where she could rest.

She had no collar, lead or microchip, and given her behaviour and appearance, she had probably been neglected and in distress for some time.

Soon after being admitted, the team also discovered Summer was suffering from severe diarrhoea and was reluctant to eat. This is currently being investigated to determine the cause and in the meantime, she’s receiving extra care, love and attention from staff.

A member of Mayhew’s night staff said, “When I first went into Summer’s kennel she hid behind her bed. I went right over to the opposite side and just sat down, and, after a while, Summer slowly started crawling towards me. I told her she was a good girl, and she instantly seemed to calm down – she wagged her tail at me, and so I gave her some biscuits. She then became comfortable around me and laid down next to me. When I started stroking her, she snuggled right into my leg.”

Hopefully, after receiving all the medical treatment she needs, Summer will find herself a loving forever family to help put her troubled past behind her.


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