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Nilaqua Waterless Shampoo

Nilaqua deep-cleansing pet shampoo is the waterless way to clean your pet without stress or mess. No more mucky bathroom, no more muddy car and no more sulky doggo. These delicately formulated shampoos are vegan friendly, soft and kind to the skin, and available in two fragrances. Just apply to the fur, massage into a lather, lifting any odours, mud and even fox mess, and finish by towelling off to leave the coat refreshed and clean with no residues whatsoever. Available in mulberry or flea/tick-repelling tea tree and peppermint.

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01453 357337


Naturavetal produces healthy, cold pressed dry food and tasty wet dog meals with lots of meat – all without any synthetic additives, preservatives and colourants for a completely balanced diet. Nutrients from the original, natural ingredients are gently preserved through Naturavetal’s low-temperature production method, which also makes their meals very easy to digest. The single-source protein recipes make their meals a great option for allergic and sensitive dogs.

Ask for an individual feeding recommendation for your dog from the Naturavetal expert team.

0203 475 5226


P&L Superior Pet Beds

These high-quality dog beds with machine-washable and waterproof materials are UK manufactured by P&L in their factory in East Sussex. Established since 2000, P&L has 19 years of experience in manufacturing dog beds designed by pet owners, who understand what is required: they must be practical, hardwearing, easy to keep clean and odour free – and above all, comfortable for the dog who uses them.

Our aim is to make dog beds to the highest quality, so that when it is time to replace, users will buy another P&L superior pet bed.

01424 852840



Forthglade, based in the heart of Devon, make delicious natural dinners and treats for dogs. Their tasty wet food and cold pressed natural dry dog food recently came first in our national Pet Food Survey. Packed with a high fish/ meat content (of delicious lamb, duck, turkey, salmon and sardine to name but a few), plus vitamins and minerals, the complete meals have everything a dog needs to stay happy and healthy. All recipes carry a junk-free promise and there are grain-free options, which are ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies. Check out the full range at forthglade.com

0808 169 2900

Pet Munchies Buffalo Dental Chews

Award-winning, premium gourmet dental chew made with 100 per cent natural, human-grade, grass-fed buffalo. This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil, which is good for the skin and coat, and also joint mobility due to the high levels of omega 3. Long-lasting and designed to satisfy your dog’s natural instinct to chew, it helps reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums, to support good oral health. Grain- and gluten-free, low in fat, high in protein, and with no artificial colours or flavours, this is the ultimate chew. Available in three sizes.



Eco-friendly pet toothbrush

If you care about the environment as much as we do, then it’s time to move on from your plastic toothbrush and invest in this eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush.

Effective cleaning bristles – activated charcoal is one of nature’s best cleaning materials and is known for its absorption of toxins and other stain-causing substances.

Elite design – meticulously crafted from splinter-proof, water-resistant and carbonised bamboo.

Stylish and hygienic – our modern self-standing design ensures the bristles do not touch any surfaces, maintaining good hygiene. Bamboo also has natural cleansing properties.



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