My Golden Retriever puppy just started teething and she’s taking it badly. Last night her gums started bleeding and she’s been biting a lot more and seems quite agitated. I’m currently trying cold carrot, but what else can I do to help and how long should the teething phase last?

John Burns advises…

You could feed her on moist food that you have frozen. Chewing on this will help to cool and soothe the gums. Homoeopathic chamomilla teething granules can help babies when teething, so that is worth a try. You can get them from health food shops or many pharmacies.

Teething is a natural process for a puppy and so, ideally, should not be a health problem at all. I suspect that her normal diet may be affecting her metabolism and contributing to this problem. If you are not already doing so, I recommend a diet aimed at promoting all-round holistic health. This will be hypoallergenic with natural, wholesome (named) ingredients, which is high in complex carbohydrate, such as brown rice.

The new adult teeth should be in place by about six months of age.


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