Over three quarters (77%) of UK adults think it should be illegal to eat dog meat in the UK, according to new figures from Hong Kong based organisation, the World Dog Alliance. The results, undertaken by Optimum Research, demonstrate the public are in favour of the charity’s call for the Government to ban the practise.

Every year, around 30 million dogs are slaughtered for their meat. Dogs destined to be consumed are usually housed and transported in a way that causes huge suffering, while some are confined to small, filthy cages with little food or water. There is a misconception that dog meat is tastier and contains better properties if the animals suffer high levels of stress whilst being killed. This results in horrific suffering for the animals, with dogs being tortured, boiled, skinned or blow torched alive.

There have been no cases of people eating dog meat in the UK, however the ban is hoped to send an clear message across the globe that eating dog meat is an abhorrent practice and, as a leader in animal welfare, the UK does not tolerate it. The US was the most recent in a line of countries to enact an explicit ban on eating dogs, despite the practise not being an issue there.

Public support for the law to change is also reflected by the fact that around two thirds (66%) of UK adults think it is already illegal to eat dogs in the UK, with those in the North East (78%), most likely, and the East of England (57%), most unlikely, to think this.

When asked if they thought it should be illegal to eat dog meat in the UK, Welsh adults responded most favourably, with almost nine in ten (88%) believing the practice should be banned. Even in London, with the lowest proportion, still had 71% who were in favour of a ban.

Despite gaining support from nearly 100 MPs and Peers, as well as the full support of TV personality, Anthea Turner, and celebrity Vet ‘Marc the Vet’, the campaign to ban dog meat consumption has not yet been committed to by Government.

Marc the Vet with Victoria Stilwell joining a rescue at a dog meat farm in Yeoju, South Korea – Humane Society International

Mr Genlin, Founder of the World Dog Alliance said, “It is clear that the UK public are behind a ban on the consumption of dog meat in this country. The UK is seen as a leader in animal welfare internationally and should not underestimate it’s influence overseas.

“We are pleased with the level of support our campaign has garnered from the Government so far, but much more still needs to be done. Until a ban is enforced, millions of dogs will continue to suffer across the globe. A change in the UK law would send an unequivocal message across the world that the UK does not support such cruel practices and encourage others to do the same.”


Speaking about the campaign, Anthea Turner said, “Like so many other dog lovers across the country, I find it awful, and surprising, that dogs can actually be eaten here, in the UK. My dogs Digger and Buddie had happy lives, but sadly, that’s not the case for so many dogs around the world who suffer because of the dog meat trade. Changing the law here would help save millions of dogs from a sad and cruel fate.”

Find out more about Dog World Alliance and the campaign, here


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