A support dog who sadly lost her battle to several life-threatening health conditions has been Commended by the PDSA for being a loyal companion and enriching the life of her owner Patrick Copley, who has PTSD after suffering a vicious attack.

Cavalier King Charles, J-Lo, suffered from Syringohydromyelia, sleep apnoea and facial nerve paralysis, that required ongoing monitoring with the Animal Health Trust (AHT). At nine-years-old she sadly lost her battle and has recently been received the PDSA Award posthumously, which aims to celebrate the unparalleled devotion and enrichment animals bring to our lives.

Amy Dickin, Awards and Heritage Manager for PDSA, said, “Our Animal Awards Programme was set up by our founder, Maria Dickin, to recognise the incredible contribution that animals make to our world. The PDSA Commendation celebrates the enrichment and companionship that animals provide and J-Lo’s award is extremely well-deserved. The support and strength that J-Lo gave to her owner Patrick was worthy of celebration and we are honoured to include her on our PDSA Commendation roll of honour.”

After being moved by the story of J-Lo, Jon from Memorial Benches UK saw that Patrick was trying to purchase a bench from the money raised for J-Lo’s treatments and kindly decided to offer him a bench to be made in J-Lo’s memory at no cost. Instead, Jon has asked Patrick to help get the company Facebook page more likes, to which Patrick has already helped them gain a few hundred.

Patrick is now asking fellow dog lovers to help him get the required amount for his bench, which will be erected in a local church and is to be blessed by Reverend Sylvia Kinder. He is 300 likes short of getting the bench made for him, which will be treasured within the community who knew J-Lo well.

Speaking on Patrick’s behalf, Margaret Brazear, said, “The memorial bench that is proposed to be erected outside Christ the Servant King Church in Hampton, will not only mean a lot to him but to everyone in the community who knew J-Lo. She went everywhere with him; therefore every in Hampton knew her. Of course, the bench could not be placed in that position without the support of the Reverend Sylvia Kinder.”


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